Streamline and manage the entire lifecycle of Life Science content from creation to archiving with Content Management, a comprehensive digital asset management (DAM) application.

Generative AI helps compliantly create, review, approve, or edit content, onboard, and manage digital assets, including artwork, documents, videos, images, and data within a globally accessible central repository.

Omnipresence Content Management

A unified platform eliminates separate legacy content management solutions

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Get a depth of intelligent content management capabilities

Customer Insights Guides Content Strategy

Unified and enriched customer insights provide 360-degree data insights to anticipate future content and drill down on trends to guide strategic content planning.

Content Creation and Editing

AI creates content based on topics or keywords. Implement AI-driven suggestions to improve content and grammar or make media suggestions relevant to the text.

Regulatory Compliance Checks

Auto-review validates content and scientific data for compliance with local and international regulatory standards, flagging non-compliant content and documents.

Next Best Action Recommendations

AI suggests the next best action steps for content creation, updates, or distribution based on HCP user behavior and content performance metrics.

Workflow Automation

AI drives the task management system to assign tasks, track progress, and manage deadlines. Predict and allocate resources based on project complexity or past performance.

Search Functionality

AI powers the advanced search algorithms to quickly find relevant documents and data within the vast unified DAM of Life Sciences content.

Simplify the process of creating and editing content globally. Intelligent content management features generate content from keywords, improve text and images, suggest grammar fixes, and offer scientific links. Users can easily create or edit digital assets like interactive forms, presentations, landing pages, and portals, making the creative process more efficient and time-saving.

Create modular assets, including forms, emails, landing pages, web portals

Intelligent capabilities can create or improve content, grammar, and images

Internal users and Agencies can simultaneously collaborate on documents

MLRs can review, annotate, and approve all assets before use

The global DAM allows ease of hosting, reuse, or modifying content and assets

Omnipresence- Content-Management-Creation
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Microsoft Teams can manage the review and approval process in real-time

Collaborative no-code workflows eliminate content management manual tasks and monitor ongoing project progress and deadlines. They simplify the management of MLR (Medical, Legal, and Regulatory) responsibilities by offering comprehensive features. These include direct access to linked scientific references, audit and history tracking, and the ability to highlight content or documents that do not meet compliance standards. Workflows facilitate rapid content distribution with easy-to-use, one-click notifications that reach team members globally.

Accelerate publication with workflows that automate repetitive tasks

Ensure content consistency that flags scientific and non-compliance errors

Monitor content progress with alerts, automatic status updates, and project flows

Prebuilt customizable workflows learn and adapt to changing requirements

Use Microsoft Teams to reduce the review, reject, or compliantly e-sign approval

Omnipresence Content Management Medical Legal Review

With permission-based content management access control at its core, sensitive information can be managed and compliantly safeguarded precisely. With e-signature capabilities and robust audit trails, get transparent and traceable records of all content modifications, enhancing accountability and regulatory adherence—speed content compliance with approval workflows, notifications, and alerts. Quickly and easily withdraw or edit content when needed using secure e-signatures. Reduce risk by aligning processes to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

A depth of user permissions provides granular organization-wide control

Audit and history trails maintain detailed records of content, access, and user activities

Intelligent version comparison functionality automates document comparison

Reminders, notifications, alerts, workflows ease review cycles


Real-time data visualization dashboards provide a granular view of content and user performance from creation to archiving. Content management dashboards offer a comprehensive overview from user engagement to content trends, enabling a swift adaptation to market dynamics. A rich suite of diverse reports, each meticulously designed, offers unique insights into different aspects of content and user landscape. All dashboards and reports can be configured to user needs.

Track content and user content performance with a choice of live analytics dashboards

Access a range of reports, audience behavior, content, user reach, and bottlenecks

Tailor the data visualization experience with a depth of customizable dashboards

Leverage advanced analytics for current trends and predict future content performance

Seamless metrics across Omnipresence CRM provide a 360° view of content performance


Additional Life Sciences Content Management Features

  • Advance templating
  • Role-specific UI
  • Brand presets
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Bulk actions
  • Import and export of artwork and videos

  • Centralized content dashboard
  • Advanced content structuring
  • Automated workflows
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Direct DAM assets import
  • Role permissions
  • ITPC, EXIF, and custom metadata filters
  • Keyword search
  • Automatic duplicate finder
  • Text in image search
  • Similarity search
  • Image search

  • Manual and AI Tagging
  • Automated metaproperty behaviors
  • GPS coordinates reading and writing
  • ITPC, EXIF, XMP reading and writing
  • Resizing and cropping
  • Flipping and rotating
  • Color space changes
  • Bulk editing
  • Format conversion

  • File collection creation and sharing
  • File transfer
  • Transformation presets, focus points, and DAT options
  • Delivery metrics
A white page with three icons, each depicting a thought bubble above their heads, symbolizing contemplation or brainstorming

Content Writers and Designers

Content Editors

Content Readers

Content Approvers

Content Publisher

Content Administrator

Designed for Life Sciences content management

AI reduces repetitive tasks

AI-enhanced capabilities speed up collaboration to quickly get compliant content to the market.

Permission and workflow lockdown compliance

Permission-based capabilities ensure locked-down compliance with only the latest approved content available globally.

Insightful data for winning content

Create content that sells using data-driven insights from Medical, Commercial, Marketing, Field, and Service.

Yes, Content Management includes generative AI capabilities that are inherited from Microsoft Copilot.

There are no extra fees. It is part of Omnipresence CRM.

Yes. Omnipresence Content Management has compliant, real-time, seamless collaboration.

Yes, as Omnipresence CRM is built on Dynamics 365 architecture. Hundreds of application connectors are available.

Yes, iPDF can be uploaded as part of the documents catalog in Omnipresence, this can be used as a push resource or can be detailed during Face-to-Face meeting

Yes interactivities can be tracked for HTML.

  • Presentations uploaded in the Presentation catalog will be converted to HTML, so some functionality may be lost.
  • Presentations can be uploaded in the document catalog directly and shared in the form of push resources or used for detailing.

Yes, polls, surveys and sound is supported.

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