Founded in 2017, Exeevo was created from a strategic partnership between Indegene and Microsoft.

Core Mission

At Exeevo, we believe that our core mission is to impact the Life Sciences industry by building trust and advancing our customers’ success. While our metrics showcasing our scale, diversity, and history in the industry are significant, they are secondary to this mission.

Our Difference

When asked, “What’s different about Exeevo?” the answer can be found in numerous instances where we have empowered our clients, our team, and broader communities within the Life Sciences sector to reach impressive objectives, resolve intricate issues, or make substantial progress.

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At Exeevo, we strive to be the best in all we do. We are not satisfied with merely being good. Our ambition fuels the dedication and compassion that permeate every aspect of our operations and embodies the core of “The Power of One.” Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve their goals, positively influence Life Sciences, and maximize the success of our communities and people.

That’s what truly sets Exeevo apart. It’s not our size, location, or the array of services we offer but how we come together under “The Power of One” to shape a better and brighter future. We are more than the sum of our parts; we embody unity, strength, and infinite potential as “The Power of One.”

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What we value

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We’re passionate about Life Sciences.

We’re relentless in finding practical and ingenious solutions for our subscribers. We’re convinced that technology and innovation will carve an indomitable path in disrupting healthcare for the better.

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We believe that real innovation means we constantly look ahead and build expertise in new technologies that will drive success for Life Sciences organizations and users.


At the heart of everything we do as a Life Sciences technology company is our ability to collaborate seamlessly across teams with different academic and cultural backgrounds, and diverse skills.

We believe the challenges that Life Sciences faces today needs this kind of collaboration between teams, capabilities, and points-of-view.


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