Omnipresence Copilot CRM is an AI-driven SaaS platform for life sciences. It unites sales, marketing, and service teams on a single customer engagement platform.

Our CRM is easy to use and quick to deliver value. It gives a unified 360° view of the customer at every stage of their engagement journey.

Seamlessly connect data, teams, and customers to enhance personal interactions and drive intelligent decisions.

Omnipresence Copilot CRM infused with AI connects sales, marketing, and medical teams with a single data-enriched HCP view

CRM for Commercial

A unified data model and AI capabilities with a 360-degree customer view enhance organization-wide productivity, boosting HCP engagement and decision-making.

Predictive analytics, automated data integration, and intelligent recommendations empower Teams to excel in every interaction, keeping you ahead of the curve.

CRM for Medical

Get all CRM Commercial features plus Medical tools to support Field medical teams and MSLs.

AI productivity tools help engage with key opinion leaders across channels,  generate personalized scientific plans, and create workflows that simplify the intake of medical inquiries and scientific case management

Marketing Automation

Effortlessly orchestrate omnichannel campaigns with unified transactional, demographic, and behavioral data to craft personalized HCP journeys with precisely timed messages.

 A comprehensive creation toolkit includes emails, landing pages, portals, social media capabilities, and more, offering diverse ways to effectively engage HCPs.

Event Management

Events Management streamlines the management of the entire event lifecycle, from content, venues, multi-channel promotion, attendees, and speaker management to budgeting and expense management.

Event data is enriched with Customer Insights and synced platform-wide for a complete 360° view.

Content Management

Globally streamline and compliantly control all Life Sciences content from creation to archiving with a comprehensive digital asset management application.

Features include all content and asset management capabilities, automated workflows, and next-best-action recommendations.

Customer Insights

Unlock the power of customer insights by combining data from multiple sources and enriching it to create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each customer.

Get insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling informed decisions and tailoring your strategies for maximum revenue growth.

CRM Mobile App

Get the complete functionality of Omnipresence CRM. It seamlessly manages contacts and tracks interactions to provide real-time insights.

AI capabilities include voice-to-text, automating repetitive tasks, and offering personalized recommendations to enhance customer engagement.

Exeevo Omnipresence Copilot CRM get one unified platform of crm, medical crm, marketing automation, events management, content management, customer service.

Drive revenue-related goals, like growing customer acquisition, increasing upsell/cross-sell, and improving customer retention and operational efficiency

AI automates Sales tasks to accelerate productivity

Omnipresence Copilot CRM automates life science field and commercial tasks to accelerate productivity
  • Predictive analytics uses AI to forecast sales trends, allowing proactive strategic adjustments.
  • Automated lead scoring prioritizes potential leads with AI-insights auto-scoring to maximize sales efforts.
  • Personalized recommendations automatically deliver customized engagement strategies to improve interactions.
  • Real-time insights provide instant access to essential data for informed, rapid decisions.
  • Content creation AI assistance writes personalized emails based on 360 data and makes personalized adjustments.
  • Workflow and process automation AI streamlines daily tasks, from data entry to automated workflow creation to reporting, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Automated sales cycles speed up the entire sales process, from initial contact to close, with systematized real-time next-best actions reminders and tasks.
  • Content recommendations based on engagement, context, and calls boost relationships.
  • Email, sales, and meeting summaries capture key points and action items for prompt follow-up and improved productivity.
  • Personalized close plans craft strategies for closing deals, enhancing the likelihood of success.
  • Prospect and account research drives insights into prospects and accounts, equipping sales teams with necessary background information.
  • Deal insights analyze deal dynamics to offer strategic advice and improve negotiation tactics.
  • Conversation insights gather and analyze conversation data to refine communication strategies and improve outcomes.
Enhance your life sciences marketing with Omnipresence Copilot CRM. Get a user-friendly interface, powerful inbound tools, and advanced AI segmentation to help build and manage HCP relationships.
  • Personalized Outreach driven by AI insights tailors marketing to individual HCP preferences, increasing engagement and response rates.
  • Predictive Analytics identifies and prioritizes high-potential leads, optimizing marketing efforts and improving conversion rates.
  • Automated Campaigns across multiple channels save time and ensure consistent communication with prospects and customers.
  • Content Creation with AI-powered writing assistance generates or enhances the quality and quantity of content marketing efforts.
  • Data Integration is enhanced with Customer Insights to get a comprehensive view of customer behavior and preferences, aiding in better decision-making.
  • Customer Journey Mapping visualizes and analyzes customer journeys to identify pain points and opportunities to enhance customer engagement.
  • Real-time analytics and performance metrics for marketing campaigns enable quick adjustments and optimizations to improve engagement.
  • Lead Scoring AI-driven lead scoring prioritizes leads based on their conversion likelihood, ensuring Sales and Medical teams focus on promising prospects.
  • Social Listening monitors social media conversations and trends to understand customer sentiments and identify emerging topics relevant to the Life Sciences industry.
  • Compliance Management ensures marketing activities comply with organizational and industry regulations and standards, reducing non-compliance risk and associated penalties.
With its user-friendly interface, Omnipresence Copilot CRM marketing automation empowers Life Sciences marketers to orchestrate seamless omnichannel marketing campaigns.
  • Customized transformation
    Implement AI at your pace and simplify usage with intuitive interfaces, detailed guidance, and applications that integrate together to create one streamlined experience.
  • Eliminate siloed business models
    Integrate processes and data across all applications to better understand HCPs and your organization.
  • Insightful analysis and insights
    Add value to all touchpoints by making them relevant with proactive, data-driven insights into HCP needs and behaviors.
  • Customized to suit business needs
    Adapt quickly and with greater agility to your market needs with customizable AI functionality.

Omnipresence Copilot has reliable, scalable, and trusted AI natively integrated into our productivity apps solution-wide. Leverage AI alongside your customer data to craft personalized, predictive, and generative AI experiences that align with your business needs. Omnipresence Copilot brings conversational AI and an advanced reasoning engine to all users, enhancing operational effectiveness.

Conversational AI Assistance

This advanced feature is an intuitive assistant that engages users in natural, real-time conversations. By understanding and processing user queries, it can swiftly fetch information, offer recommendations, and automate routine tasks.

This AI assistant allows users to focus on strategic tasks and minimize administrative burdens to drive efficiency organization-wide.

Advanced Reasoning Engine

Enabled with deep learning and pattern recognition to analyze vast amounts of data, the advanced reasoning engine can understand the data context, including trends, outliers, and potential correlations, to provide actionable insights and recommendations and optimize workflows and processes.

Users can anticipate market changes, identify new opportunities, and respond to challenges with greater agility to make informed decisions that drive effective outcomes.

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