Get a comprehensive medical CRM solution tailored to Medical Affairs and scientific teams. Create scientific plans, medical inquiries, adverse drug and adverse event inquiries, and case management that develop strong HCP relations and engage with KOLs across channels.

Streamline medical operations

Improve scientific exchanges and communication

Create strong HCP and KOL relationships supported by a medical CRM that enables and tracks engagement and scientific and therapeutic preferences.

Streamline scientific content dissemination

Share real-time scientific research and medical data to deliver value-added messages that improve outreach and build KOL relationships.

Automated workflows for medical inquiry and adverse drug and events management

The unified platform automatically creates automated workflows to ensure efficient, accurate, and compliant handling of medical inquiries.

  • Define goals and scientific objectives for customer engagement activities related to one or more therapeutic products and time periods.
  • Next-best-action reminders and intelligent workflows keep teams on track to achieve medical affairs scientific goals.
  • Build stronger relationships with healthcare professionals through personalized and scientifically accurate communications supported by a CRM that tracks engagement history and preferences.
  • Align scientific communications with commercial and marketing strategies, enabling medical liaisons to deliver messages that support business objectives to improve outreach consistency.
  • Seamlessly track and resolve adverse events alongside sales, marketing, and regulatory for improved patient safety and compliance.
  • Use workflows to automate adverse events logging and tracking to proactively manage risks with a thorough regulatory-compliant audit trail.
  • Leverage real-time insights from sales, marketing, service, and adverse events to facilitate informed decision-making and improve product safety monitoring.
  • Get medical inquiry functionality that ensures regulatory compliance with workflows that automatically log and track inquiries from multiple channels: CRM, phone calls, emails, mobile apps, and websites.
  • End-to-end case management, including intake, triage, data entry, quality review, medical review, and submissions followed by reconciliations
  • Leverage integrated data from sales, marketing, service, and events management to gain actionable insights to align strategies across departments, optimize customer engagements, and drive informed decision-making in a unified and efficient manner.
  • Build engaging interactive portals for HCPs to interact with brands, order samples, vouchers, copay cards, and product information materials.
  • Use templates or drag-and-drop functionality to easily build regulatory-compliant digital workspaces to engage HCPs with secure messaging, virtual data rooms, document collaboration, digital signatures, video meetings, screen sharing, and more.
  • Real-time 360º insights and built-in audit trails track and measure portal effectiveness providing insights to review trends across products, activities, or therapeutic classes.