Omnipresence CRM Events Management provides all the tools and technology required to hold successful, compliant virtual, hybrid, and in-person events and webinars for all event sizes, and audiences.

Events Management streamlines the management of the entire event lifecycle, from planning, content, venues, marketing, promotion, attendees, and speaker management to expenses and analytics.

Field and Medical teams can use our mobile App to create and manage the end-to-end event lifecycle, including on-the-go speaker programs, advisory boards, roundtables, and other paid engagements for complete, compliant event management control.

One unified, integrated solution to plan, run, and analyze all compliant Life Sciences events

From speaker programs to symposiums, deliver a consistent and connected customer experience with a single platform for your webinars, virtual events, and content hubs.

From efficient budgeting and inventory management to planning and crafting abstracts and presentations, Omnipresence CRM’s powerful AI tools and workflows make it easy to plan your events, including managing presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors.

  • Create and assign tasks, use charts and project management tools to keep Life Sciences events management running smoothly.
  • Build multiple budget scenarios for accurate planning, then track income in real-time against the budget to stay on top of your financials.
  • Manage event inventories, including registrations, functions, travel, and accommodation, with text and email alerts and other inventory management tools.
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Complete events planning

Manage all event types and planning in one place. Registration, marketing, abstracts, sponsors, exhibitors, agendas, networking, breakout rooms, and more.

Create engaging HCP events

Use drag-and-drop tools or prebuilt websites, portals, emails, and notification templates to increase brand awareness and HCP interactions and relationships.

Deepen HCP insights

Capture every HCP interaction webinar, event, and content hubs so field reps can take the next best action and orchestrate omnichannel customer experiences.

Omnipresence CRM provides  a comprehensive suite of compliant life sciences event marketing tools
  • Seamlessly plan, promote, and track registrations while orchestrating your event in one cohesive space. Tailor and process multiple types of event registrations instantly. Get options such as complimentary passes, virtual-only registration, or special member invites
  • Get AI-suggested registration workflows for all event attendee types
  • Manage accommodations with hotel partners and automate payment schedules, cancelations, and room releases as part of hotel contracts.
Omnipresence’s marketing automation equips life sciences marketers with a robust suite of tools, including email marketing automation, customer journey
  • Use drag-and-drop functionality to create websites with speaker information, session details, agendas, online registration, and more.
  • Use templates, create, reuse, or import event emails, invitations, confirmations, reminders, newsletters, and more
  • Leverage existing info to create customized pages, portals, websites, and emails
  • Craft or reuse targeted customer journeys that strengthen audience-brand connections
  • Promote events on social media to inform your followers about speakers, sessions, and content, helping persuade more people to attend your event.
  • Bring globally compliant personalized events to your audience using Teams.
  • Use compliant medical presentations and content hosted in Omnipresence CRM to reduce compliance mistakes.
  • Effortlessly create and broadcast professional live streams of multi-presenter events that can feature lower thirds, pre-recorded content, audience polling, and live Q&A.
  • Seamlessly manage the speaker experience with in-studio chat, stress-free in-meeting access controls for slides, and Q&A moderation.
  • Break down language barriers between speakers and attendees with integrated captioning and translation tools that boost engagement and participation.
Reach-a-wider-event-audience-with-your-life sciences on-demand-content-with omnipresence CRM event management

Engaging post-event Life Science capabilities

  • Effortlessly record and publish-on-demand content from documents used during an event to videos.
  • Record sessions and presentations and make them available to attendees as on-demand videos after the event.
  • Create segmented automated follow-up campaigns that deliver relevant content that helps to nurture leads and relationships.
Omnipresence CRM life sciences event management is one unified platform for single source life sciences events reporting
  • Real-time data analytics and dashboards monitor event metrics as they happen, allowing event managers to track registration, attendance, engagement, and other key performance indicators dynamically.
  • In-depth advanced reporting options using Customer Insights simplify data into reports on sales, revenue, and more, providing insight into audiences’ psychology. Use this data to iterate your event’s strategy, drive registrations, and maximize revenue.
  • Reduce Team workloads with automated reporting ensures stakeholders are kept informed of event progress and outcomes without delays even using our mobile app.

Webinars and virtual events

Engagement and networking

Attendee connections

Teams webinars and live events

Post-event content and summaries

Regulatory-compliant and scalable

GDPR and HIPPA-compliant

Secure and compliant content

Scalable for any event type or size

Secure cloud infrastructure

Hybrid enabled

Global alignment and chat

Live and virtual networking

Engagement and presenter tools

Mobile live streaming

  • Assign and manage event tasks
  • Create and forecast budgets
  • Travel and accommodation plans
  • Inventory and seating plans
  • Take online payments
  • Create custom registrations
  • Collect and approve abstracts
  • Manage accommodation
  • Agendas and run sheets
  • Manage speakers and exhibitors
  • Create custom domains and event websites
  • Multilingual content capabilities
  • Email communications
  • Multiple check-in options
  • Print name badges in advance
  • Simple hybrid/virtual deployment
  • Branded attendee app
  • Remote camera control
  • Language translation
  • Live Q&A, polls and surveys
  • Lead scanning and generation
  • Networking and meeting matching
  • Organiser run sheets
  • Automatically record sessions
  • Access live attendance stats
  • Monetise post-event access
  • Clone events for future use
  • Send surveys and polls
  • Advanced reporting and stats
  • Distribute event recordings
  • Create sponsor reports
  • Review budgets and spend
  • Create on-demand content

Yes, Omnipresence Events Management is designed specifically for Life Sciences organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, animal health, biotech firms, and medical device manufacturers, to plan, execute, and track the impact of events. These events can range from large conferences and symposiums to smaller seminars and webinars, often involving healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry stakeholders.

Enhancing attendee engagement is crucial, and many life sciences event management platforms include interactive features like AI-driven matchmaking, live polling, real-time feedback systems, and immersive presentation tools that make events more engaging and informative​.

Yes, our modern life sciences event management software solution is equipped to manage hundreds of on-site, hybrid and virtual events with dedicated marketing features for each event.

Omnipresence Event Management has robust reporting and analytics tools. All event data is automatically captured and shared across the platform in our CRM, Marketing Automation, and Medical Affairs CRM. Our analytics help organizers capture and analyze key metrics and generate detailed reports on attendee behavior, session popularity, and overall event impact. This data we provide is crucial for understanding the success of an event and planning future strategies.

Microsoft Teams is natively integrated with Omnipresence CRM including Events Management. There are hundreds of features that you can use to:

  • Create compliant Microsoft Teams webinars and live events.
  • Promote events and topics via emails and internally and externally in Microsoft Teams.
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