From one to few video calls to complex medical congresses, significant fragmentation exists in managing and integrating events with CRM systems. Different parts of the event lifecycle, from planning and approval to execution and follow-up, are often handled in silos.

This fragmentation extends to the data generated from events, which is not seamlessly integrated into CRM systems. This leads to a disjointed understanding of HCP interactions and preferences. Could it be time to reevaluate traditional CRM and event management practices?

Join us to explore how the synergy between CRMs and innovative event engagement can lead to more meaningful interactions, deeper insights, and significantly improved engagement quality with HCPs.

Why watch

  • Discover a holistic approach to event management that leads to omnichannel engagement
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges of integrating event data
  • Understand the role of AI in identifying engagement patterns

Who should watch

  • Heads of Omnichannel Platforms/Engagement
  • Digital Leads, Digital Marketing Managers
  • Congress & Event Enablement Directors/Managers
  • Heads of Commercial Excellence; Customer Engagement Excellence Managers
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