Get Omnipresence a mobile CRM App powerhouse for pharmaceutical, medical device, animal health, pharmacy, and consumer goods organizations.

It has the complete functionality of Omnipresence CRM for field reps, KAMs, sales managers, and medical science liaisons on mobile phones or tablet devices. More than a CRM App, it performs medical, events, marketing, and retail activities.

Boosted with Copilot AI, it helps users power through the day with intelligent features like conversational AI, intelligent workflows, automated call and meeting summaries, deal insights, predictive forecasting, scientific plans, and more.

Stay on top of your life sciences sales pipeline with a pharma mobile CRM app device agnostic for iOS and Android. Manage lead, account and other CRM customer engagement from your smartphone.

Boost productivity, accelerate decision-making, and close deals fast by strengthening HCP relationships and ensuring alignment among the life sciences team.

Save time with an AI conversational assistant

Voice-to-text technology allows quick, accurate data capture, streamlined contextual communication, and boosted productivity by capturing real-time customer interactions.

Intelligent workflows boost sales productivity

Experience unprecedented efficiency as AI reviews daily activities and automatically suggests or creates optimized workflows, boosting efficiency and customer relationships.

Use AI to write or summarize everything fast

Write emails, actionable summaries, and sales close and scientific plans. Ask Copilot to identify important takeaways and customer sentiment to move deals forward.

Exeevo Omnipresence Copilot Mobile CRM APP with conversational AI redefines Healthcare Professional (HCP) engagement in the Life Sciences sector.

Leverage real-time data from all channels to develop a deep understanding of customers. By enhancing this data with Customer Insights, field reps thoroughly understand their prospects’ and customers’ purchasing journeys. This knowledge allows them to offer customers highly personalized interactions, regardless of location.

Omnipresence life sciences mobile app provides AI-driven deal insights identify priorities based on lead-to-opportunity information and other sales activities.
  • Automatically capture customer activity and sales information from emails, meetings, events, and calendars, turning them into robust analytical data.
  • AI-driven deal insights identify priorities based on lead-to-opportunity information and other sales activities.
  • Drive predictive forecasting accuracy with AI to access trends and identify pipeline and sales process gaps.
Omnipresence leverages Artificial Intelligence to help MSLs do more on their mobile app from scientific plans to medical enquiries. Get a full suite of tools developed specifically for medical affairs in life sciences.
  • Leverage AI to simplify the creation of personalized scientific plans. It offers a seamless process to design detailed tasks, follow-ups, and milestones, all tailored to specific needs.
  • Plans are enhanced with real-time data from healthcare professionals and enriched by deep Customer Insights, ensuring your strategies are practical and informed.
  • Create and assign medical inquiries, documenting each activity related to the case, including email/marketing and phone calls, to ensure comprehensive tracking.
Omnipresence life sciences mobile app extends your data and processes to mobile, helping you take action from anywhere, stay up-to-date, manage leads and opportunities, collaborate with coworkers, and close more deals, faster
  • Enhance revenue performance with a life sciences field rep app with at-a-glance insights.
  • Transform insights into results using ready-to-use or customizable, AI-powered data visualization charts.
  • Gain comprehensive visibility into customer interactions, pipeline status, forecasts, and sales rep performance.
Omnipresence GO CRM mobile app has robust geolocation capabilities.
  • Optimize your sales routes with geo-location. It considers distance, appointments, and spontaneous visits to map your journey efficiently.
  • Navigate to customer locations or planned routes directly from your mobile device with a single click.
  • Enhance customer interactions with seamless check-ins and outs at each location, allowing for precise updates to your team, leads, and events.
Life sciences field teams mobile users' productivity doesn't have to stop when there's no connectivity. Connect your entire workforce with a mobile pharmaceutical app that works in any hospital or HCP environment. Users can keep working, unimpeded by a subway commute, FAA regulations, funky cellular signals, or bunker-style buildings. Offline access is device agnostic for Android and iOS.
  • Stay connected and maintain productivity with our enhanced offline access.
  • Effortlessly work, search for information, create new records, perform sales activities, or create sales plans and marketing journeys without an internet connection.
  • Automatically sync when you reconnect, ensuring you remain productive anytime and anywhere

Explore all life sciences mobile app features

AI functionality includes

  • Analytics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Best time to contact
  • Call plans
  • Conversational AI
  • Customer journey builder
  • Data enrichment
  • Forecasting Intelligent automation
  • Lead, opportunity, and deal prediction
  • Next best action
  • Product recommendations
  • Route planning
  • Voice assistant Workflow suggestions and automation
  • Writing and summarization tools

All Field Rep core capabilities plus:

  • Scientific plans
  • OL/KOL management
  • Regulatory-approved auto-content syncing
  • Case management with workflows
  • Case routing with delegations
  • Knowledge articles
  • Pharmaco-vigilance reports
  • Coaching
  • Time-off management

All Field Rep core capabilities plus:

  • Trade accounts
  • Shelves photo capture
  • Realogram (Store Check)
  • Planogram (Planned Inventory)
  • Promotions
  • Opportunity and Order Management
  • Contract Management

All Field Rep core capabilities plus:

  • Account Planning
  • CPQ
  • Bids and Tenders
  • Catalog, Price Lists, Discount schemes
  • ERP Integration
  • Progress Reports
  • Field Asset Management
  • Coaching
  • Time-off management
Exeevo Omnipresence mobile
  • Device-agnostic productivity capabilities for iOS and Android.

Copilot AI empowers field reps, medical teams, and MSLs

  • AI personalizes guidance for HCP’s next steps.
  • Predictive analytics forecasts lead and deal success and sales trends.
  • Geo-location that plans the best route and schedules HCPs close by.
  • Create and send personalized content via text and email.
  • Create drafts of scientific plans.
  • Perform medical inquiries and scientific case management.
  • Product recommendations based on customer history.
  • Conversational voice-to-text capabilities.

The CRM mobile app’s AI capabilities reduce time-consuming tasks using conversational AI and workflow automation. It also drafts content like emails and creates summaries of documents and meetings. The app also helps streamline relationship discovery and management by automating the identification of crucial healthcare professionals (HCPs) and institutions. Sales reps and MSLs can then focus more on creating meaningful interactions rather than on administrative duties​.

The mobile app offers omnichannel CRM capabilities, enabling representatives to interact with HCPs across multiple channels, including email, telephony, live chat, SMS, and social media. It also includes a route planner to manage field visits, which improves productivity and resource management.​

Yes, the GO CRM app offers real-time and enhanced customer insights into HCP behaviors and preferences, which helps field reps tailor their interactions and sales strategies more effectively. These insights are derived from advanced analytics and are crucial for optimizing sales performance

The app includes tools for performance management, such as time management and field coaching reports. These tools help in analyzing rep performance, identifying high-performance areas, and providing continuous professional development for the sales team​

AI-driven features in the GO mobile CRM app help medical science liaisons (MSLs) identify and map key opinion leaders by analyzing vast data points, including publications and clinical data, to recommend top candidates for engagement. This allows MSLs to maintain up-to-date relationships with KOLs and strategically plan their engagement efforts.

Yes, the mobile CRM app has robust scientific plan capabilities and pharmacovigilance reporting to ensure MSLs have the necessary tools to be productive.

AI tools within the mobile CRM can streamline many of the MSLs’ tasks, such as curating and synthesizing scientific information, generating actionable insights, and personalizing KOL engagements based on individual preferences and interests. This not only saves time but also enhances the effectiveness of each interaction

Yes. The mobile CRM app can manage all types of events plus it even has a native Microsoft Teams integration and seamless Office operability.

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