Increased expert engagement relationships

Unified data improved communication

Actionable insights boosted targeted interactions

In the highly specialized world of medical device manufacturing, establishing and nurturing expert relationships is paramount. One leading manufacturer faced increasing challenges in effectively engaging with experts due to scattered communication, disjointed information, and a lack of actionable insights. Their solution came in the form of Omnipresence CRM. Tailored for the life sciences industry, this platform revolutionized their approach to connecting with key opinion leaders and stakeholders.

With Omnipresence CRM’s multi-channel integration, seamless communication across various platforms became possible, ensuring that experts were reached most effectively. Additionally, the manufacturer centralized all expert-related data, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of each engagement. Real-time analytics enabled them to derive actionable insights, fostering more personalized and effective engagement strategies.

As a result, the manufacturer strengthened their ties with existing experts while identifying and cultivating relationships with emerging leaders in the field.

Customer: Johnson & Johnson
Organization Size: Large (10,000+)
Location: United States
Division: Orthopedic Surgery
Solution: Omnipresence CRM


  • Contracting with practicing healthcare professionals has become a poor customer experience due to complex ethical and legal safeguards.
  • Multiple legacy Salesforce-based solutions duplicated efforts to manage expert engagement across functions.


  • A single, modern unified platform that included CRM, Medical CRM, Marketing Automation and Event Management to manage the complete expert engagement lifecycle across the organization.
  • Seamless integration with downstream business solutions to remove operational friction.
  • Focused and adaptable user experience with role-specific functionality and process-driver workflows.
  • Lower TCO through streamlined operations and consolidation of legacy systems.


  • The operational bottleneck of a complex process and fragmented systems has been solved to simplify working with external experts. This has improved their onboarding satisfaction and encouraged recruitment by local teams.
  • Global business units have adopted this solution along with other customer engagement functions across multiple operating regions.

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