New York, New York, December 22, 2021. Exeevo an enterprise SaaS leader focused on revolutionizing experiences for life sciences organizations as they engage health care professionals (HCPs), distribution networks, and patients, has launched version 6.1. This release provides a depth of new groundbreaking enhancements to business processes, data fabric, event planning, and patient enrollment and adherence.

Omnipresence subscribers now benefit from additional time-saving workflow features that help prioritize tasks and activities, including the ability to manage delegates and the approval workflow when you’re out of the office. Expanding the underlying data fabric and capabilities to easily access and utilize data within the platform is also a focus for this new release, along with the ability to crowdsource customer data and get insights into the best time to interact with customers across channels.

The Omnipresence Go App has blazed ahead with several new capabilities, including at a glance real-time event planning and management, and optimized customer management to help keep data organized and “clean”. Account management flexibility increased with on-the-go Opportunity tracking and improved stage management. Plus, the market accessibility ecosystem grew with Dutch and German language support.

Omnicare dives deep into patient adherence with enriched, flexible digital capabilities scaled to reduce a HCPs time-consuming task. Enhanced patient compliance tools have been boosted with the ability to send automated SMS reminders to help HCPs improve the patient journey and outcomes. Program enrollment has been improved, allowing HCPs to digitally capture patient consent improving compliance, and streamlining the patient experience. Program management now features advanced workload functionality allowing Admins to seamlessly configure necessary patient support options.