New York, New York, July 30, 2020.

Exeevo a life sciences enterprise SaaS provider focused on elevating and transforming customer experiences, announced several new capabilities to advance the industry toward the next normal of customer engagement.

The spring release of Omnipresence includes extended LiveTime virtual meeting features and added new integrated Contact Center capabilities to provide more ways to connect with customers safely and effectively. To improve virtual meetings for commercial and medical users, LiveTime meetings now include remotely completable sample orders and consent recording, and the ability to perform LiveTime virtual meetings directly from within Microsoft Teams. The new Contact Center solution enables outbound programs to be established with the typical life sciences-specific controls such as specific project controls, approved call scripts, agent coaching templates, and so on. Integration to several cloud contact center telephony technologies can already be achieved using their respective Microsoft Dynamics-based softphone and routing offerings. In the near future, inbound use cases will also be available making it possible for unified omnichannel journeys to be created in Omnipresence with this important component fully integrated. Omnipresence has also added Edge Analytics, a completely new approach that embeds simple slice-and-dice analytics directly in the very fabric of the end-user application including on mobile devices. This serverless, embedded capability enables hyper-efficient availability of customer insights in the context of users’ daily work and on any device, well beyond just the simple metrics and charts that have historically been possible. More detailed analytics such as looking at the trends by different cuts of time, interactively evaluating the measures across different products or customer segments, etc. were previously only possible using more complex dashboards driven by server-based BI platforms. 

Life sciences operations teams have also gained the screen designer capability with which they are no longer dependent on their commercial or medical CRM provider or implementer to customize pages and fields visible within the app interface for their users. Such a no-code approach allows organizations to have better control over the information their teams view and capture while still being on a standardized underlying data model and platform.

According to Sanjay Virmani, CEO, “We have been working hard to futureproof the Omnipresence platform and to help to solve COVID-19 business challenges and transformations. Life sciences organizations should evaluate their technology choices with the goal of delivering great experiences for their healthcare provider customers and patients, in order to gain an experiential edge in their therapy areas. These massive investments ought not to be just for enablement or light digitization of legacy processes alone, there is so much opportunity beyond that.”