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Imagine a tool that lets you view your customer’s entire omnichannel journey based on dynamic insights to boost and drive growth. That’s what Omnipresence Customer Insights does for Life Sciences. Customer Insights is a powerful, enterprise-intelligent data module that helps Life Sciences organizations use data from third-party sources alongside Omnipresence CRM to find additional insights to help drive better customer experience.

Omnipresence CRM provides real-time feedback. It uses powerful data analytics to understand customers’ needs and behaviors, creating a complete picture of each interaction with your brand. Doing so it effectively guides strategy formulation by analyzing market demand and trends. With Exeevo Omnipresence CRM in place, you’re well-equipped for smart decision-making that aligns with customer preferences.

Customer Insights: the Ultimate Data Pipeline

When you understand customer behavior, you make better business decisions. Our Customer Insights module does exactly that. It captures data from all sources, consolidating and enriching it to give every team the power to segment and plan their customer engagement approach.

Customer Behaviour Insights Modeled with your Data

Get an insightful understanding of your customers by merging the real-time data Omnipresence collects across your in-person and digital channels with other market or customer information sources and enriching them through AI to create a single source of truth. Omnipresence Customer Insights empowers your Marketing, Sales, and Medical teams to design and deliver personalized interactions at scale.

Leveraging the latest advances in generative AI and data management, Omnipresence Customer Insights enhances insight discovery through natural language prompts to simplify the discovery process, allowing business users outside data sciences and analytics to rapidly identify untapped insights across markets and audiences. Omnipresence Customer Insights enables the orchestration of customized experiences across every point of contact, dramatically simplifying the process of creating and improving the organization’s journeys and campaigns.

Exeevo customer insights

Deliver deeper connected customer journeys

A 360-Degree Global Customer View

Get a 360° view of your customers 24/7 and access key insights about their behavior and needs. This robust data unification process enabled by AI machine learning technology includes specifics on demographics, trends, and behavioral, transactional, and proprietary information.

The beauty of Exeevo Omnipresence CRM lies in its ability to accurately depict how each interaction influences future decisions from the customer side.

Built-in AI Capabilities for immediate insights

Swiftly craft, evaluate, and implement custom AI/ML models

Never miss a trend or potential issue

Predict Customer Needs with AI Capabilities

Identify high-value and at-risk customers

Recommend relevant products and services

Discover new audience segments

Track business performance

Omnipresence Customer Insights Analytics

Easy and intuitive set-up

Choose your data connector

 Data provides ingestion of a single data source to get you up and running quickly. Provide your own data in a .csv file or choose sample data. Customer Insights uploads and unifies the unifies the data to create a customer profile, and then automatically generates insights on it.

Add data rules

Defines matching rules to help define which data is most important. When records are matched, they’re concentrated into a single record with all the fields from each table. 

Omnipresence customer insights unify data
Choose optional data enrichment

Use additional enrichments to enhance your unified customer data. Choose the connections for the specific enrichments that’s required.

Get relevant insights

The combined view of your data choices provides one unified customer profile on the Customers page. Customers can be individuals or organizations.

Customer Insights data capture

Customer Insights has an easy-to-deploy codeless integration

Easy to use, code-less integration allows your team to take advantage of the technologies and skills they already have. Our drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to set up within minutes.

Nine ways Customer Insights delivers personalization at scale

Unified Customer View

Combine data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each customer. Understand customer behaviors, preferences, and trends across all touchpoints.

AI and Machine Learning

Advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning predict customer needs to provide personalized insights and recommendations. Immediately improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

The Power of Natural Language

Built in with Microsoft Copilot our customer insight module allows users to investigate the full range of customer data. Create new metrics, segments, or groupings through natural language prompts.

Actionable Outcomes

Translate insights into action by triggering workflows and automation across marketing, sales, and service departments. Orchestrate personalized customer experiences everywhere.

Customization and Extensibility

Extensive customization options, tailor the platform to their needs. It also integrates with other Microsoft products and hundreds of third-party applications via pre-built connectors.

Real-time Insights

Get real-time analytics and insights to act promptly on customer interactions and data changes, which is critical for maintaining up-to-date customer profiles to deliver personalization at scale.

Powerful Scalability

Accommodate a growing amount of data and increasingly complex customer interactions with our scalable solution, ensuring it can support businesses as they expand.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft

Customer Insights works seamlessly with other Dynamics 365 applications to enable a comprehensive approach to customer relationship management.

Self-service Analytics

Empower your Team and users with self-service analytics and visualization tools that don’t require a deep technical background, allowing for democratized access to insights.

Enjoy complete service and data freedom

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, you need the agility to adapt and respond to market demands efficiently. As markets shift and technologies advance, businesses locked into long-term data and service contracts with providers that no longer serve their best interests are disadvantaged. The freedom to switch providers ensures a business remains dynamic, innovative, and responsive to challenges and opportunities — it’s a strategic move that impacts a company’s bottom line, operational efficiency, and future adaptability.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 5 easy steps to data unification. The unification process maps customer data from your data sources, removes duplicates, matches the data across tables, and creates a unified profile. Unification is performed in the following order:

Source fields: In the source fields step, select tables and fields to include in the unify process. Map fields to a common type that describes the purpose of the field.

Duplicate records: In the duplicate records step, optionally define rules to remove duplicate customer records within each table.

Matching conditions: In the matching conditions step, define rules that match customer records between tables. When a customer is found in two or more tables, a single consolidated record is created with all columns and data from each table.

Unified customer fields: In the unified customer fields step, determine which source fields should be included, excluded, or merged into a unified customer profile

Review and create the unified profile.

Omnipresence CRM Customer Insights includes custom and out-of-box models that leverage AI and machine learning to predict data. The easiest way to start predicting data is using predefined models, often called out-of-box models. They only require certain data and structure to generate insights quickly. The following out-of-box models are available:

Customer lifetime value: Predicts the potential revenue of a customer throughout the entire interaction with a business.

Product recommendation: Suggests sets of predictive product recommendations based on purchase behavior and customers with similar purchase patterns

Subscription churn: Predicts whether a customer is at risk for no longer using your company’s subscription products or services.

Transactional churn: Predicts if an individual customer will no longer purchase your products or services in a certain time frame.

Sentiment analysis: Analyzes sentiment of customer feedback and identifies business aspects that are frequently mentioned.

There are two types of data export models available

Data-out exports let you export any type of table available in Customer Insights. The tables that you select for export are exported with all data fields, metadata, schemas, and mapping details. A common use case for exporting full tables, which we call a data-out export, is to share data to Azure Data Lake Gen2, where organizations can further process these tables with their custom solutions.

Segment exports let you export segment tables from Customer Insights. Segments represent a list of customer profiles. When exporting segments, you choose which data fields to include in each export. A common use case for such exports is sharing lists of your customers to advertising services like Google Ads or Meta Ads for marketing purposes.

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