Speed new content to market

Relevant content the key to omnichannel engagement

Omnipresence handles content management by weaving it seamlessly into its core. Outlook, Field, Sales CRM, Service CRM, Marketing Automation, Teams, Medical CRM, and our GO APP are all compliantly interconnected in one cloud solution.

With a robust organization-wide central repository orchestrating the entire content lifecycle from creation to dissemination our integrated solution empowers Medical, Legal, Regulatory, Marketing, and Creative Agencies to collaborate seamlessly in real-time.

Global teams can craft, scrutinize, endorse, and monitor content with unparalleled ease. With a depth of capabilities, including advanced digital asset management, meticulous claims tracking, and the versatility of modular digital content.

Eliminate MedComms, CLMs, and Insight solutions

Supports the full lifecycle of compliant scientific content

Permission-based review and approval

Supports organization-wide or business unit lifecycles, and workflows

One DAM for controlling content distribution across the organization

Create, send, track, and manage medical information requests from all channels

Use AI and real-time insights to create relevant content fast

Create send, track, and manage compliant HCP emails and digital content in one solution

Unlimited brand portals enable real-time global content sharing

Content and customer usage metrics provide robust content planning and evaluation

Robust dashboard and reporting

Integrates with third-party systems

Put AI to work. Use enterprise-wide data and insights to speed content creation.

Connect your teams and processes using organization-wide data to create exceptional content that drives personalized customer experiences at scale.

Use AI-powered predictive insights to create personalized relevant content

Use AI to A/B testing content ideas to improve conversion rates and engagement

Convert simple language prompts into new insights, and content

Collaborative approval workflows speed content to market

Collaborative workflows and robust compliance features streamline how your global Commercial, Marketing, Medical, Legal, and Regulatory teams work together to get content to market.

Launch marketing campaigns fast

Ensure process compliance with permission workflows

Collaborate globally in real-time with internal and external teams

Collaborate globally in real-time with internal and external teams


Use Teams to quickly globally manage the review and approval process in real-time

Built-in MSL content and process compliance

Capture audit trails for all content requiring review to maintain process compliance in case of an audit. Quickly and easily withdraw or edit content when needed using secure e-signatures. Reduce risk by aligning processes to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Audit and history trail

Secure e-signature capabilities

Version comparison

Configurable workflows and permissions

Create, review, and approve web content

Omnipresence content management allows you to create and review draft or live web pages and web apps in their native, interactive format. Streamlining the entire creative process saves time and fosters a collaborative review of digital content.

Easily localize and track global content

Localize global documents and host them in one secure centralized library. When content is revised it’s easy to understand the versions of content that needs to be updated.

Parent and child relationships

Pre-built or custom revision workflows

Ensure content compliance

Permission-based device-agnostic functionality provides Sales with approved content

Real-time document updates and withdrawals

Consolidated engaging content experiences

Ensure content compliance

Share relevant content on-the-spot

Device agnostic for easy e-detailing

AI-enabled reporting and metrics

Access key system and content metrics you need to make strategic business decisions by analyzing the data that matters most to your organization. Optimize over time and report success to your leadership team.

Pre-built content metrics or custom reports

Pre-built user content metrics or custom content reports

Pre-built or custom dashboards

Capabilities built for speed


Proofing tools

Comment capabilities

Real-time review


Reviewer management


Design + content creation

Route and annotate

Reminders + due dates

Job status updates

Expiration notices

Document search

Quick find task filters


Electronic signature

Document tagging

Audit history

Version history

Go-live notifications

Document expiration


Pre-built dashboards

Custom dashboards

Custom reports

Content metrics

User metrics


Pre-built workflows

Custom workflows

Rules-based reviews


Pre-built roles or create your own

Content Creators and Designers

Content Editors

Content Readers

Content Approvers

Content Administrator

Custom Personas

Designed for growth

Streamline and close process gaps

AI-enhanced capabilities optimize how teams review, approve, and disseminate global content to achieve speed to market and maintain a competitive advantage

Be compliant

Be confident that everyone is using the latest versions of approved content across all geographies. Enable your teams to expire outdated content as needed.

See everything

Drive home HCP personalization metrics that matter from content, customer insights, medical, commercial, marketing, field, and service.

Yes, content management includes generative AI capabilities that are inherited from Microsoft Copilot.

There are no extra fees. It is part of Omnipresence.

Yes. Omnipresence CRM provides compliant, realtime seamless collaboration.

Yes, as Omnipresence CRM is built on Dynamics 365 architecture. Hundreds of application connectors are available.

Yes, iPDF can be uploaded as part of documents catalog in Omnipresence, this can be used as push resource or can be detailed during Face-to-Face meeting

Yes interactivities can be tracked for HTML.

  • Presentations uploaded in the Presentation catalog will be converted to html so some functionality may be lost.
  • Presentations can be uploaded in the document catalog directly and shared in the form of push resources or used for detailing

Yes, polls, surveys and sound is supported.

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