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The CRM landscape has been much discussed lately, especially after the recent breakup between Veeva and Salesforce. About six months ago, Gartner published a quick question segment advising CIOs to assess their needs and understand the market before settling on a CRM plan. At Exeevo, we live that advice daily through conversations with companies, especially in the pharma and other life sciences sectors.

In this blog post, I’ll revisit Gartner’s recommendations and elaborate on why Omnipresence, our next-generation CRM solution in partnership with Microsoft, is generating a lot of buzz and why it should be on your radar if you’re in the pharma or life sciences industry.

The Big Question: To Stay or To Go?

The Veeva Salesforce breakup has left many companies in a state of flux. While we’re being told it’s “business as usual,” in reality, staying put or moving on will affect your business in different ways. So why stand still when there is an option that meets today’s needs and is also future-ready?

Enter Omnipresence: The Game-Changer

Omnipresence isn’t just another CRM. It’s the omnichannel CRM solution designed specifically for life sciences. Built on the reliable Microsoft technology framework and further customized for industry-specific functionalities by Exevo, Omnipresence aims to provide the best of both worlds.

Cutting-Edge Tech Stack

Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer a class-leading tech stack that integrates AI functionalities and seamless connectivity with other Microsoft productivity tools. And let’s remember the enterprise strength that comes with Azure cloud capabilities.

Scalability and Cost-Efficiency

Omnipresence is modular, meaning it can scale according to your business needs. You also have the opportunity to consolidate existing solutions, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership.

Global Reach

Our solution isn’t just a concept; it’s a reality. Omnipresence is being used globally, including in markets like China. This ensures that you’re adopting a solution that has passed the test of varying market needs and regulations.

Why Omnipresence is the Talk of Pharma

In our conversations across pharma and other life sciences sectors, the reaction to Omnipresence has often been a pleasant surprise. People are seeing functionalities and possibilities they hadn’t considered before, particularly in an industry that is often slow to adapt to technological change.

Don’t Stand Still

If the Veeva Salesforce breakup has left you wondering about your CRM options, then it’s an opportune moment to explore what next-generation CRM solutions like Omnipresence have to offer. Its scalable, industry-specific functionalities built on a trusted Microsoft framework offer a robust and future-proof solution for life sciences companies.

In a world where standing still can mean falling behind, Omnipresence offers you the opportunity not to just to keep pace with the industry but to lead it.