A seasoned healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience in the life sciences industry, Derek J. Evans joins Exeevo, joins Exeevo as an enterprise SaaS provider focused on revolutionizing the experiences provided to healthcare teams and patients as SVP and Chief Growth Officer.  

In an interview with Paul Simms, CEO of Impatient Health, Derek explains “I have joined Exeevo to pursue my passion. Having been working in the life sciences industry my entire career, I’ve struggled with how I can, in some small way, improve the overall healthcare system and ultimately improve patient lives. Many of the inefficiencies and poor outcomes we see in our healthcare system today can be attributed to “disconnects” between the constituents within the system, namely patients, providers, payers, and the large health systems. There are so many factors that lead to these “disconnects”, but one of the underlying challenges is the technology and data that drive healthcare interactions and decisions. For several years, I’ve felt that the right technologies could help reduce, and potentially eliminate, these efficiencies and drive better patient outcomes. Obviously, it is a very large challenge in terms of both scope and complexity but I intend to give it my all!The combination of Exeevo’s experience-first technology platforms, with their leadership, vision and strategy, will enable us to explode the disconnects that exist between life sciences organizations and healthcare providers and patients.”

Derek will oversee the commercial team for Exeevo’s Omnipresence, Omnicare and Omnisight platforms which are the result of a strategic alliance established between Indegene and Microsoft in 2017. Built for life sciences using Dynamics 365, Azure, and Teams as well as the Cloud for Healthcare, Exeevo provides a digital ecosystem supporting the entire journey from clinical to commercial for life sciences organizations to deliver superior experiences to both healthcare teams and patients.

Watch the interview here