In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, pharma organizations are bombarded with claims of ‘next-gen’ solutions promising to revolutionize their operations. However, the litmus test for these solutions lies not in their labels but in their ability to transform key aspects of your business genuinely. Watch our Chris Wade as he cuts through the hype on what you need to know. Or read the six points below to determine whether a solution truly deserves their hyping of ‘next-gen’ title.

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1. Provide a 360-degree Customer View

The cornerstone of any next-gen solution is its capacity to offer an organization-wide, comprehensive view of customers and accounts. This goes beyond mere data collection; it involves synthesizing information from various touchpoints to create a holistic customer profile. This 360-degree view enables businesses to understand customer needs, predict behaviors, and personalize interactions, laying the groundwork for enhanced customer experiences and loyalty.

2. Compliant Content Management and Personalized Interactions

Next-gen solutions must allow for compliant content management across all channels. This involves managing and storing content securely and leveraging it to generate personalized recommendations and optimize approval processes. Such capabilities ensure that each customer interaction is relevant, timely, and compliant with regulatory standards, enhancing both customer trust and business efficiency.

3. Dynamic Data Management for Tailored Customer Journeys

The true power of a next-gen solution is reflected in its ability to dynamically manage data from across the organization to generate customer plans and journeys that are specific to each team. This implies an adaptive system that can glean insights from various data sources and translate them into actionable strategies tailored to different customer segments or individual needs.

4. Fostering Seamless Collaboration for Customer Success

Next-gen solutions should facilitate seamless collaboration across the organization. By breaking down silos and enabling cross-functional teams to work together effectively, employees become partners in driving customer success. This collaborative approach ensures that customer-centric strategies are implemented cohesively throughout the organization, leading to more consistent and impactful customer experiences.

5. Empowering Employees with Role-Specific Tools

Supporting employees with tools that are specifically tailored to their roles is a hallmark of a next-gen solution. These tools should not only enhance the efficiency and productivity of employees but also be intuitive and easy to use. When employees are equipped with the right tools, they are better positioned to contribute positively to the customer experience and the business’s overall success.

6. Offering the Freedom to Choose Data Sources

A next-gen solution should provide the freedom to choose which data to use. This means giving businesses the autonomy to select, integrate, and analyze data from various sources, both internal and external. Such flexibility is crucial in a data-driven world, allowing businesses to stay agile and make informed decisions based on a comprehensive data landscape.


While many solutions are touted as ‘next-gen’, true transformational Life Sciences solutions are those that address these six critical areas effectively. By focusing on these aspects, pharma can ensure that they are investing in tested and deployed solutions that will genuinely drive their evolution and success in the digital age.

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