The Value of Modern Digital Ecosystems for Life Sciences Commercial Teams

IDC Vendor Spotlight: Exploring Alternatives to Salesforce-based CRMs

The commercial side of life sciences organizations (LSOs) has embraced new digital tools to reach healthcare providers (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs) with critical information about new therapies and devices and the conditions they can help cure or manage. These modern digital ecosystems can leverage the knowledge and habits of consumer behaviour to reduce learning curves for sales reps, marketers, and doctors on devices they already use, mirroring the experience to which these professionals are accustomed. 

However, the quality and real-time nature of the suggestions are dependent on the platform’s ability to ingest data from multiple sources in real-time using life sciences–trained algorithms to make sense of the data. Currently, many CRM providers utilize a single source of data, which reduces the ability to serve up sophisticated insights.

In this IDC Vendor Spotlight sponsored by Exeevo, IDC shares data about the digital divide in life sciences organizations. They dive into why streamlining digital engagement between life sciences organizations, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations is crucial and suggest why LSO’s should consider alternatives to Salesforce-based CRM’s like Exeevo Omnipresence.