Our virtual thought leadership roundtable events are 90-minute executive-level sessions led by a KOL and are limited to six life sciences decision-makers. Sessions are designed to network with peers, share best practices, and learn about new industry developments.

About these sessions: 
 💥Live executive Q&A roundtable
 💥Limited seats 
 💥E-learn in a small group 

Session 1

Operational Excellence in Pharma Long Term Go-to-Market

March 22, 2022 | 11 A.M. CET

This event explores the critical role that go-to-market teams are playing in reshaping how their customer organizations use digital capabilities to deliver commercial success. We discuss:

  • Understanding the elements of a digital strategy.
  • How to equip an organization to build its long-term go-to-market capabilities to better address customer challenges and opportunities.
  • Building the tactical framework to understand and determine the optimal tactics to deliver success across digital, hybrid, and traditional channels.

Session 2

Omnichannel Commercial Strategies – Leveraging Digitial & Personalization

March 24, 2022 | 11 A.M.CET

This event focuses on leveraging personalization, a critical digital component in a successful omnichannel commercial strategy, and what’s needed from a content and execution standpoint. We’ll discuss:

  • How does digital contribute to designing a successful commercial framework?
  • New channels, behaviors, and expectations; how do you orchestrate winning omnichannel experiences for your customers, stakeholders, and organization?

Session 3

Digitalization of Omnichannel Medical Customer Engagement

April 26, 2022 | 11 A.M. PST

This event explores how to successfully transition from a field-focused multichannel to a digital-first, omnichannel medical strategy, the importance of embracing a customer-centric mindset through digital transformation, how to plan and access the progress of channel tactics, and what data to use as a benchmark of strategy success. We’ll discuss:

  • Identifying the foundations for an omnichannel strategy to meet the evolving expectations of HCP’s and their patients.
  • Measuring the impact of digital initiatives and the engagement data points to be considered as a benchmark of success.

Session 4

Digital Transformation in Life Sciences – Sales & Marketing for the CIO

May 12, 2022 | 11 A.M.CET

CIOs play an increasingly important part in enabling their organizations to develop productive customer relationships at scale and with an intense focus on costs. This session focuses on strategies that IT leaders can use to build a shared vision for how business teams can work collaboratively to power the experiences customers need to receive to drive growth. We’ll discuss:

  • From technology to trust, what does it take to nurture an alliance between the CIO and the customer organization?
  • Powering the digital enterprise, how are CIOs planning to transform their organizations to experience powerhouses?

Session 5

Engaging HCPs in an Evolved Market Though Customer Experience Orchestration

March June 9, 2022 | 11 A.M.CET

This event explores what it takes to optimize digital delivery at scale to deliver impactful customer experiences for HCPs. How to move from one-size global content to the information needed to deliver personalized experiences to HCPs via channels that work for them. We will also examine why designing experiences with strong feedback loops are essential to HCP engagement success. We’ll discuss:

  • Building and scaling effective customer experiences.
  • Why feedback is often overlooked as a critical component in building memorable and effective customer experiences.

Session 6

Know your Customer Building Individualized Commercial Strategies

June 14, 2022 | 11 A.M.PST

This session focuses on the tactics pharma companies are creating and adapting to maximize the return from their commercial organizations as they undergo unprecedented change.

  • The importance of one customer. How individualization delivers commercial success from customer experience.
  • Digital as the friend of the commercial team. How commercial agility and organizational adaptability is creating a new, better commercial function.