• Microsoft Copilot is natively integrated with Omnipresence CRM to boost productivity, deepen customer relationships, and empower users with a higher reasoning engine that provides contextual prompts to solve business challenges.
  • Features a conversational UI assistant allowing users to interact in all environments, from desktop to mobile, intelligently

New York, NY—April 16, 2024 —Today, Exeevo, a trusted global enterprise SaaS leader focused on the Life Sciences industry and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), announced the launch of Omnipresence Copilot with the successful native integration of Microsoft Copilot.

Omnipresence Copilot is an advanced version of the Omnipresence CRM solution launched in 2018 with an Exeevo and Microsoft alliance. It incorporates full generative AI features, including a complete conversational data exploration UI, a large language model (LLM), and a reasoning engine capable of understanding the full context of a user’s inquiry using trusted company data. This AI-powered solution provides Life Sciences organizations with a unified working experience seamlessly spanning Omnipresence CRM’s already unrivaled range of user personas, business applications, and Microsoft’s productivity solutions like Office, Outlook, and Teams.

“AI represents a pivotal moment in the history of the Life Sciences industry. It’s set to enhance customer interactions, boost productivity, and improve profitability across all businesses,” stated Derek J. Evans, CEO of Exeevo. Omnipresence Copilot integrates an intuitive AI user interface, top-tier Generative AI models, and, most importantly, deep data and metadata integration which are crucial for effectively leveraging AI. Omnipresence Copilot is uniquely equipped to genuinely comprehend the dynamics of Life Sciences organizations so teams can maximize the impact of customer relationships.”

Omnipresence Copilot redefines the CRM landscape

  • True Generative AI enables users to get actionable answers by asking natural language questions. This capability is built into the Omnipresence Copilot ecosystem, providing all teams with the essential tools to succeed, and allowing organizations to go beyond the ‘Next Best Actions.’
  • The power of data is unleashed in a secure and scalable way to unlock the value of hidden data. Omnipresence Copilot’s reasoning engine can grasp the context of the data, considering trends, outliers, and patterns. It breaks down massive datasets and tangled algorithms into manageable parts and offers alternative approaches and optimizations to enhance understanding. Data can be supplemented with additional third-party information to improve the quality of data insights further.
  • Teams can rely on Omnipresence Copilot’s conversational AI to enhance productivity and effectiveness organization-wide in sales, commercial, marketing, medical, regulatory, and service. It will provide informative and actionable responses, build complex workflows and processes, automate repetitive tasks, and validate documents for adherence to Life Sciences regulatory standards. Copilot empowers users to supercharge their day.
  • Omnipresence Copilot’s advanced reasoning engine enables intelligent decision-making by interpreting, suggesting, and providing a full context of user prompts to make informed decisions across its unified business solution.
  • Built on Microsoft’s security, compliance, and privacy protocols, Omnipresence Copilot has a rigid and comprehensive responsible AI approach to security, compliance, and privacy standards, ensuring the highest security standards protect all data interactions.

As we continue to innovate in Life Sciences, Exeevo, supported by Microsoft, is committed to responsibly advancing technology that drives unlimited customer experience possibilities.

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Exeevo is a trusted cloud solutions provider for Life Sciences companies to improve how they interact with customers across their organization, provide exceptional experiences that drive commercial objectives, and improve patients’ lives. Headquartered in New York, Exeevo has offices in China, India, Europe, and North America.


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