August 22, 2022

New York, NY

Omnipresence delivers pharmaceutical and medical device one unified experience

EXEEVO, a global enterprise SaaS leader focused on revolutionizing healthcare professional and patient experiences for life sciences organizations, announced continuing accelerated global market and subscription growth for their Omnipresence customer engagement solution. These gains are attributed to both the modular flexibility of the platform and its ability to provide and orchestrate a true 360° view of customers to drive commercial objectives across the entire customer organization.

EXEEVO’s growth is multi-faceted and fueled by continuous product innovation across the entire customer engagement spectrum. Their solutions are powered by the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, a single industry cloud platform which is architected to provide a seamless omnichannel experience across the entire enterprise and across all customers.

Being able to take an incremental, modular approach to replace multiple systems with a single solution when rising to the challenge of modernizing their infrastructure as well as the benefits of EXEEVO’s global partnership with Microsoft, has for many organizations been a deciding factor to both adopt Omnipresence and expand its use into new areas of their business.

EXEEVO’s geographic expansion also encompasses Life Sciences organizations in the emerging regions of China, LATAM, and META. This expansion includes one of the largest MedTech organizations, new use cases and geographies with two large multinational Pharmaceutical organizations, and several mid-size LSOs. With this recent surge, they are approaching 20,000 global subscribers and expect subscription growth to continue during 2022.

Derek J. Evans, Chief Growth Officer, EXEEVO, stated, “Life Science Organizations are increasingly seeking alternatives to the traditional CRM offerings provided by legacy vendors. These solutions do not offer a true omnichannel experience and their innovation has stagnated. Still, they continue to demand a premium price point – however, this less-for-more recipe is changing as the Life sciences industry recognizes the impact of digital transformation on their traditional customer engagement tactics. They are looking for solutions that enable their business – not just sales – to direct and deliver experiences that support their commercial goals and relationships with Healthcare Professionals and decision makers across healthcare organizations.”


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