New York, New York, October 28, 2021. Exeevo, an enterprise SaaS provider focused on revolutionizing the experiences provided to healthcare teams and patients, has completed its spring 2021 release cycle with new capabilities for customer and patient experiences.  

Omnipresence subscribers can benefit from an enhanced user experience that includes deeper integration with Microsoft Outlook, multi-lingual support throughout the platform which extends to Genee, Omnipresence’s virtual assistant, and enhancements to the insights features that help prioritize tasks and activities. Account management enhancements improve collaboration, approval workflows, and goal attainment for opportunities and orders. The new “Affiliations Explorer” is an interactive visualization of healthcare stakeholder relationships to help key account managers work more meaningfully with their account influencers and customers. Capturing competitive data has also been made easier and more extensive. Medical device subscribers can now use a new commercial operations use case to manage tracking and approvals of their various commercial activities with hospitals, distributors and the like. And the expert engagement use case for medical devices continues to be expanded for global roll-outs at a top 3 medical-device organization.. 

Omnicare has introduced new capabilities for patient screeners, clinical study enrollment, and the management of patient web sites for conducting education and support activities with life sciences organizations. The Omnicare patient web sites functionality seamlessly uses Microsoft Azure for global hosting while providing a graphical designer, version management, and approval capabilities directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 fully verticalized for the patient engagement use case. 

Exeevo’s Omnisight platform, contains new insights for marketers to drive engagement with customers, patients, and accounts while enhancing collaboration with commercial teams. More capabilities are now available for data exploration, segmentation, and insights; creating deeper customer profiles while reducing time spent and dollars invested in the organization of data.  

According to Derek J. Evans, Exeevo’s new SVP and Chief Growth Officer, “Life Sciences organizations face unprecedented challenges due to changes in the healthcare landscape, accelerated by the global pandemic and by digital transformation across all industries. Exeevo is helping to meet these challenges head-on with our customer relationship/experience and patient engagement technology solutions. We continue to innovate for rapid digital transformation, leveraging the power of the Microsoft ecosystem.”