Exeevo and Microsoft extend their industry-disrupting alliance to provide even more choices for life sciences organizations looking to transform customer engagement

Barcelona — March 12, 2019

It will now be possible to deploy Exeevo Omnipresence on Microsoft Surface devices on Windows OS. This expands device choices for field users in the life sciences industry who have been limited largely to Apple iOS devices for their prescriber-oriented activities such as customer management, digital detailing, medical inquiry or sample order intake, and the like. The Windows application will maintain the simplicity of Omnipresence’s modern user experience while delivering the power of full-featured functionalities on all devices. Moreover, it will continue to achieve common security and IT management framework powered by Microsoft technologies such as Azure identity management. Omnipresence has so far been deployed on Android and iOS devices both smartphones and tablets.

What do transformative customer engagement and field user experience look like in 2019 and beyond? Indegene and Microsoft established a strategic alliance in May 2017 with the aim of verticalizing multiple technologies of the Microsoft ecosystem to answer this call in the life sciences industry.

As customer expectations and business models are rapidly changing, and in an age when millennial prescribers and patients are soon to represent the majority of the industry’s customers, current customer engagement platforms are too heavy, too transactionally focused, and too limited in advanced automated capabilities to be successful. “Now more than ever, technologies and devices utilized by class leaders in other industries must be adapted to the unique requirements of biopharma to deliver this transformation,” said Sanjay Virmani, EVP at Indegene.

The seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Office 365, and the robust and secure Microsoft Azure cloud services with its automation and AI offerings has already accelerated Indegene’s time to swiftly launch a lighter-to-deploy, intelligent life sciences platform that can enable rich omnichannel customer experiences, all within one offering. With the Windows app, the platform provides all the cross-platform choices that life sciences organizations could require.

“As more powerful mobile and wearable devices are becoming pervasive, life sciences organizations are faced with the need to balance economics with cross-platform support as well as positive experiences in spite of multiple form factors,” said Connor Flanagan, Worldwide Health Industry Solutions Manager at Microsoft.

“Business process requirements in different global markets also vary, for example, inability to use certain device forms or sizes in certain institutional settings like hospitals in some markets like China, and customer preferences and cultural norms in some countries like Japan. In addition, organizations are also interested in evaluating device models like a single device, BYOD, especially for field-based users such as sales, MSLs, and KAMs,” added Virmani.