The industry-first solution solves life sciences’ need for a modern, secure, compliant, and universally accepted connectivity platform for communication and collaboration between organizations, healthcare professionals, and patients

Compelling features of the integration with EXEEVO Omnipresence and Microsoft Teams include:

  • Native integration: communication flows effortlessly and in real-time between Omnipresence and Teams with the ability to launch Teams from within Omnipresence, or to link an activity to Omnipresence from within Teams, whether for events, meetings, calls, or chat.
  • Meeting Capabilities: users have access to the full range of Omnipresence and Teams capabilities, including the ability to add or share content before and during a meeting, obtain customer consent, capture signatures, create sample drops and sales orders.
  • Real-time audio, video, and presentation controls: in addition to the Omnipresence functionality, all Teams features are enabled, including gallery and speaker view, whiteboard, audio and video recording, translation, meeting notes creation, and more. Meetings are scalable from 1 to over 1000 participants in a live face-to-face session, fully tracked within the EXEEVO Customer Experience Platform for the entire organization to benefit.
  • Device and browser agnostic: compatibility assured in desktop, tablet, and mobile environments including iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems and browsers. Plus, you can use your computer and phone together in meetings conflict-free, for more flexible communication sharing and control.
  • Robust cyber security: the integration provides Microsoft Team’s adherence to world-class cyber security standards ISO 27001 and SSAE16 SOC, along with integrated mobile device management to help keep data safe and secure.

The Exeevo Omnipresence Teams integration is available March 2022; with the first customer Go-Live representing over 1,800 sales representatives, interacting with over 150,000 healthcare professionals, conducting a projected 200,000+ remote meetings quarterly.

“At EXEEVO, we are committed to eliminating barriers to create efficient and productive environments that improve how life sciences companies communicate and collaborate with their customers and stakeholders, as well as internally,” said Derek J. Evans, Chief Growth Officer. “Our integration provides companies with a secure, feature-rich, and familiar communications experience across the EXEEVO Customer Experience Platform, enabling users access to the extensive and growing range of Teams features to deliver the best possible experience. This important advance was made possible due to our deep strategic relationship with Microsoft and industry partners.”

“Microsoft Teams provides partners with an extensible platform on which they can deliver digital-first technology-forward solutions to better support the Life Sciences industry,” said Casey McGee, Vice President, Global ISV Sales, Microsoft. ” Integrating native Microsoft technology like Teams into EXEEVO Omnipresence helps accelerate EXEEVO’s ability to modernize workflows while also improve workplace collaboration and communication. This allows EXEEVO to better equip life sciences organizations with technology that helps care teams and healthcare professionals stay connected while concentrating on patients’ wellbeing.”

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