New York, NY, March 17, 2021.

Omnipresence Technologies, a provider of modern technology for life sciences organizations to revolutionize CX (customer experiences) and PX (patient experiences), has rebranded to Exeevo.

The Exeevo platforms are built with Microsoft clouds including the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, Teams, and Cloud for Healthcare. Exeevo Omnipresence, launched in 2018, will continue to provide Customer Experience Management (CXM) capabilities to the largest global biopharmaceuticals, medical device makers, and emerging biotechs. Exeevo Omnicare, launched in 2020, will accelerate patient engagement use cases from clinical to postlaunch journeys. Exeevo Omnisight, being launched in 2021 is built with the latest release of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and will enable life sciences organizations to unify their CX/PX data sets and operationalize rich Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) insights that will help personalize the customer and patient journeys. 

‘The future of life sciences depends on creating superior health experiences, and every survey or study published in this area shows that there is a lot more to be achieved. More to be achieved with digital, more with personalization, and with unifying the customer and patient journeys—all of which are so critical for sustainable health outcomes—this really is an amazing moment for change’, said Sanjay Virmani, CEO of Exeevo. ‘We will continue our work under the new brand Exeevo which will stand for excellence and innovation in health experiences delivered by life sciences organizations. The star at the center of our new logo represents action, insight, and illumination, and like our platforms, all the sparks must come together into a unified yet flexible solution’, he added. 

‘The year 2020 has created rapid innovation. Strategic Microsoft partners like Exeevo are putting transformation of customer and consumer experiences at the center of their customer’s strategies’, said Oren Ryngler, Chief Product Officer and General Manager, Dynamics 365 at Microsoft. ‘Exeevo is verticalizing multiple Microsoft cloud offerings to drive innovations that bridge the gap between life sciences businesses and healthcare teams as well as patient communities.  

​In addition to the re-brand, Exeevo also announced that with the 2020 Fall release of its Omnipresence platform subscribers can now benefit from new expert (HCP/KOL) engagement and commercial operations use cases verticalized for medical devices organizations. This Fall release included the launch of its updated Go app for iOS, Android, Windows, and Web with a modernized user design, a more performant code base, and many intelligent features for greater productivity.