Event Management for Life Sciences

Omnipresence Event Management is a fully integrated virtual, hybrid, in-person event and webinar solution. It features flexible event marketing tools and functionality for all event types, sizes, and audiences. It simplifies event planning, boosts engagement, and guarantees event compliance.

Complete functionality for Life Sciences event planning

Omnipresence Event Management is tailored to Life Sciences and comes with pre-defined roles and the tools needed. From global venue sourcing and management, attendee engagement and management, and speaker coordination and payment management.

Scalable Global Events from Planning to Launch

Event Management is compliantly tailored to Life Sciences needs with roles and workflows for marketers, planners, managers, and more.


From venue sourcing, vendor management, attendee engagement, speaker engagement and payment management to event budgets with actionable insight reporting.

Omnipresence has the marketing tools to drive global personalized attendee registration and engagement across all event formats, including virtual, hybrid, and in-person

Industry Leading Intelligent Event Marketing

Get the marketing tools to drive global personalized attendee registration and engagement across all events on or offline.


Features like unlimited brand portals, customizable registration forms, modular email and landing page building, real-time analytics, attendance tracking, live polling, surveys, and Q&A sessions ensure participants are connected, engaged, and informed pre and post-event.

Omnipresence dives deep into analytics to understand revenue opportunities validating the event— easy-to-understand real-time event insights is seamlessly shared organization-wide with Sales, Field, Medical, and Marketing.

Real-Time Advanced Insights and Reporting

Dive deep into behavior insights to understand revenue opportunities validating the event— easy-to-understand real-time event insights are seamlessly shared organization-wide with Sales, Field, Medical, and Marketing.


Visual dashboards, meeting-ready, or custom-created reports can be exported into standard formats that effectively leverage event metrics to tailor strategies and offerings.

Deliver a Versatile Event Anywhere in any Format

Omnipresence delivers all virtual, hybrid, or in-person events to reach an audience regardless of location. Whether it’s a global summit or a local workshop, Omnipresence effectively connects speakers and attendees, increasing the accessibility and inclusivity of events.

Comprehensive Event Management Capabilities

Omnipresence has the tools needed for effortless event planning: dynamic online registration, including email and social media tools, event calendars, and custom event websites. Workflow management: budgets, contacts, members, calls for papers and abstracts, appointments, and exhibitors. Reporting and insights to view event data in real time. You get complete control over every detail to run events smoothly. Save time and deliver personalized, relevant content and experiences.

Attendee Engagement Features

Omnipresence makes registration fast and easy with interactive features that keep participants involved. Tips before you go, personalized agendas, AI-powered networking, teaser videos, chat, Q&A, polls, and surveys. Robust, customizable attendee web portals and appointment scheduling. Hold live group discussions and provide on-demand access to a compliant content library and broadcast-quality videos.  Every interaction is trackable for relevant metric analysis.

Integrated Workflow Management

Omnipresence intelligent integrated workflow management decreases event spending by automating the event planning process and managing meeting workflows.  Our workflows help streamline event budget planning, speaker budgets, and planning, along with automating tasks and campaigns all from one centralized solution. Compliance is guaranteed with permission-based administration controls. Choose Omnipresence for global seamless visibility and control of meetings and events.

Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Copilot – Natively Integrated

Our ready-to-roll out-of-box solution requires no customization and includes Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Copilot. Organizing committees can use Teams to easily share updates, discuss ideas, and make decisions quickly.


What are the critical considerations for managing Life Sciences events?

Key considerations for managing Life Sciences events include compliance, omnichannel attendee engagement, and seamless workflow management. Omnipresence ensures each event meets these criteria. It has the functionality for tailored personalized planning, omnichannel engagement strategies across multiple touchpoints, and compliance tracking.

What event formats does Omnipresence support?

Exeevo Omnipresence supports all event formats, including virtual, hybrid, and in-person. This flexibility lets Life Sciences companies connect with their audience effectively, regardless of location. Our solution adapts to your specific event needs and encourages meaningful interactions and impactful outcomes.

How does Omnipresence handle attendee registration and engagement?

Omnipresence streamlines attendee registration and promotes attendee engagement with ease. We offer intuitive tools for efficient sign-ups and interactive features to keep participants involved. Customizable registration forms capture essential information, while real-time analytics track engagement levels. Our solution provides a seamless experience for attendees and enhances engagement.

Can Omnipresence manage multiple events simultaneously?

Yes.  Omnipresence is scalable and can manage an unlimited number of events simultaneously. With robust scheduling tools and comprehensive dashboards, organizers can oversee events precisely. Our solution supports parallel event planning to ensure resources are allocated efficiently. This capability makes it ideal for Life Sciences event management, where multiple events often run concurrently.

Ted Lai Sanofi

We had a good experience with Exeevo in India. We were further attracted by Exeevo’s willingness to co-develop with us and the more advanced technology architecture of the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Ted Lai Chief Digital Officer

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Plan Your Life Science Events Better with Exeevo

Streamline event planning, enhance audience engagement, and ensure compliance. Our solution equips you with everything needed for a successful event, from integrated workflow management to a native Microsoft integrations for seamless collaboration.

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