The pharmaceutical industry is currently being disrupted by artificial intelligence (AI), as technology and healthcare become increasingly intertwined. At the upcoming Reuters Events Pharma 2024, Aaron Bjork, a prominent thought leader with a 21-year tenure at Microsoft, will deliver the opening keynote titled ‘The AI Prescription for Pharma’. The keynote promises to shed light on Generative AI’s transformative impact on Life Sciences and chart a course for innovation and unprecedented human-AI collaboration in the pharmaceutical landscape.

During the keynote, Bjork will discuss how Generative AI is disrupting Life Sciences and how it differs from previous technology movements. He will explore the potential of Generative AI in fostering collaboration between humans and machines and whether humans will be replaced by AI or work alongside it. Attendees will learn how to prepare their team or organization for the AI wave.

Mark your calendars for April 16 and take your seat by 9 a.m. Get ready to ride the wave of AI with one of the most influential thought leaders in technology and productivity.

The visionary behind the keynote: Aaron Bjork

Aaron Bjork, is a Partner Director of Product Management at Microsoft, where he leads Dynamics 365 Sales and Copilot for Sales. His journey from a software engineer to a recognized Agile thought leader is marked by significant Microsoft contributions to Azure IoT, Azure DevOps, and Visual Studio. His deep understanding of how teams can thrive in a tech-driven environment, combined with his forward-leaning leadership style and vision, makes him an expert in the evolving landscape of AI and pharma.