Content Management for Life Sciences

 A comprehensive digital asset management application infused with generative AI to manage the complete content lifecycle from creation to archiving.

[Exeevo] Content Management for Life Sciences

Agile end-to-end content management



Deliver globally compliant content fast

A complete regulated content management application that supports the entire lifecycle of promotional content. It enables global sharing of content creation, review and approval, digital asset management (DAM), claims management, and modular content.

Use Microsoft Teams and automation for MLR approvals

Simplify the management of global Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) responsibilities with features like direct access to scientific references, audit trails, and compliance tracking. Use Microsoft Teams to manage the review process in real-time.


Fast-compliant scalable content creation

Unified insights and reporting

Get a granular view of content and user performance from creation to archiving. Content management dashboards offer a comprehensive overview from user engagement to content trends, enabling a swift adaptation to market dynamics.


AI-enabled workflows reduce MLR bottlenecks

Collaborative intelligent no-code workflows streamline content management by automating manual tasks and facilitating project progress. Omnipresence simplifies the management of Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) responsibilities through features like direct access to scientific references, audit trails, and compliance tracking. These workflows enable fast content distribution with one-click notifications for global teams, automate repetitive tasks to speed up publication, ensure consistency by flagging scientific and compliance errors, and keep content progress in check with alerts and automatic updates. Workflows are customizable, learning and adapting to changing requirements, and integrate with tools like Microsoft Teams to streamline reviews and support compliant electronic signatures for approvals.

Easy Regulatory Compliance Management for Peace of Mind

With permission-based content management access, Omnipresence provides Life Sciences organization with the highest regulatory and compliance standards for safeguarding sensitive information. Get e-signature capabilities and robust audit trails for transparent and traceable records of all content modifications, enhancing accountability and regulatory adherence—speed content compliance with approval workflows, notifications, and alerts.

Enhanced User Engagement Functionality

Omnipresence Content Management allows users to effortlessly create or modify digital assets such as interactive forms, presentations, landing pages, and web portals, thus making the entire creative process more efficient and time-saving. Additionally, the creation of modular assets like forms, emails, and web portals is facilitated, with intelligent capabilities enhancing content quality. A global Digital Asset Management (DAM) system further simplifies hosting, reusing, or modifying content and assets, ensuring a cohesive and compliant content management ecosystem.

Data-Driven Personalized Content Optimization at Scale

Omnipresence leverages real-time global data insights to fine-tune content for maximum impact. HCP and customer insights drive improvements in content strategy and execution, allowing Life Science companies to create scalable, personalized, informative, and engaging content for all intended audiences.

Powerful Real-Time Insights and Reporting

Real-time data visualization dashboards and reports provide a granular view of content and user performance from creation to archiving. Get a comprehensive overview from user engagement to content trends, enabling a swift adaptation to market dynamics. A rich suite of diverse platforms and reports, each meticulously designed, offers unique insights into different aspects of content and user landscape. All dashboards and reports can be configured to user needs.


What makes Exeevo Omnipresence Content Management unique for Life Sciences?

Omnipresence is a unified AI-enabled solution that stands out for its complete functionality, eliminating the need for third-party systems like content management.

What types of content can be managed using Exeevo's system?

All content types, including forms, emails, videos, PDFs, PowerPoints, landing pages, and sales collateral address the diverse needs of pharma, medical device, and biotech companies.


What role does AI play in Exeevo Omnipresence Content Management?

The AI capabilities of content management are via Copilot, which personalizes content, improvcompliance, and personalization. Machine Learning, along with AI algorithms, analyzes and predicts user preferences, trends, and more to compliantly tailor content.

Can Exeevo Omnipresence Content Management have multiple user roles?

Omnipresence has a depth of pre-built roles to meet the needs of most Life Sciences organizations from content writers, designers, content editors, content readers, and approvers to content administrators. It also provides the ability to create custom roles.


Ted Lai Sanofi

“We had a good experience with Exeevo in India and were further attracted by Exeevo’s willingness to co-develop with us and the more advanced technology architecture of the Microsoft Dynamics platform .”

Ted Lai Chief Digital Officer

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Eliminate third-party DAMs

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