Pharmaceutical CRM

Pharmaceutical organizations face significant challenges in effectively engaging with healthcare professionals (HCPs) using their commercial strategies

Exeevo Omnipresence is a unified, next-generation, AI-enabled solution for pharmaceutical organizations built on Dynamics 365 that enhances operational efficiency, data management, and customer engagement to drive your business forward.

Ted Lai Sanofi

“We had a good experience with Exeevo in India and were further attracted by the combination of the willingness of Exeevo to co-develop with us and the more advanced technology architecture of the Microsoft Dynamics platform.”

Ted Lai Chief Digital Officer

Achieve Commercial Goals with Exeevo Omnipresence

Omnipresence leverages real-time data across its solution to enhance communication, collaboration, and operational efficiency.

Omnipresence personalized HCP engagement

Omnipresence leverages real-time data across its solution to enhance communication, collaboration, and operational efficiency.


With Omnipresence, Pharma organizations maintain comprehensive HCP profiles, track interactions across multiple channels, and deliver personalized content that resonates with each HCP’s unique interests and needs.

Omnipresence centralizes data from multiple sources into a single source of truth.

Omnipresence consolidates data before your system

Omnipresence centralizes data from multiple sources into a single source of truth.


This consolidation process ensures that all information—from HCP interactions and transactional data to engagement analytics—is harmonized and accurate, providing a unified and reliable basis for analysis and decision-making.

Omnipresence 360 view for easy data-driven decisions

Get a global 360° view of your customers, tapping into their behavior and needs through a robust data unification process powered by AI and machine learning.


Get detailed information on demographics and trends, including behavioral, transactional, and proprietary insights. Omnipresence illustrates the impact of each interaction on future customer decisions, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Eliminate third-party platforms

Omnipresence is a unified platform with a core depth of functionality, including CRM, Marketing Automation, Events Management, Content Management, Customer Insights, Field Rep, and Service. It also has a native Outlook and Teams integration. There is no need to pay for or manage third-party platforms.

Complete data freedom

It’s your data; it’s your choice. You’re free to choose the data and services you want.

Content management AI driven

Omnipresence, with its robust DAM functionality, streamlines and manages the entire lifecycle of pharmaceutical content from creation to archiving. Generative AI helps compliantly create, review, approve, or edit content, onboard, and manage digital assets, including artwork, documents, videos, images, and data within a globally accessible central repository.

Marketing Automation for omnichannel HCP experiences

Omnipresence Marketing Automation orchestrates personalized journeys across all channel touchpoints to strengthen relationships and brand awareness and earn loyalty through value-driven HCP experiences. Core capabilities allow you to design interactive, scalable, personalized HCP journeys using demographics and behaviors to orchestrate experiences across Medical Affairs, Marketing, Sales, and Service that drive impactful interactions across channels.

Events Management natively integrated

Exeevo Omnipresence event management is a natively integrated virtual, hybrid, in-person event and webinar solution. It features comprehensive, flexible event marketing tools and functionality for all event types, sizes, and audiences.

The platform simplifies and automates the entire process from venue to speaker management, promotion, attendee engagement, budgeting, surveys, insights, and reporting. It also has easy-to-manage budget allocation and distribution tools to monitor real-time costs and organizational impact. It has a compliant meeting and workflow management that enforces enterprise-wide meeting and event program policy standards.


How does a dedicated CRM for Pharma generate leads?

A CRM dedicated to the needs of pharmaceutical organizations CRM captures the lead from every touchpoint, boosts the conversations, and increases the customer’s profitability. That’s why having an integration solution like Omnipresence CRM is crucial, as it captures data globally and across all customer touchpoints.

Should a pharmaceutical CRM incorporate AI functionality?

Yes. A CRM needs AI and machine learning capabilities to stay ahead of the competition. AI helps with HCP personalization, workflow automation, and trends and delivers action information to provide commercial teams with the highest chance to close deals.

Does Exeevo Omnipresence integrate with existing systems?

Exeevo Omnipresence is built with Microsoft applications from Co-Pilot to Power Apps and Power Automate. It also has complete Microsoft Data and Cloud platform functionality from Dataverse to Fabric. Our solution works with hundreds of business applications like ERP and a depth of Microsoft APPs.

How does Exeevo Omnipresence support Pharmaceutical events and marketing?

Both Event Management and Marketing Automation are core system functionalities. They have the same great features and capabilities as third-party platforms like CVent and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  Unlike other platforms, data is neatly housed in one eco-system for real-time decision-making at your fingertips.

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