Customer Insights for Real-Time Life Sciences Journeys

An advanced intelligent data solution that significantly boosts business intelligence by seamlessly consolidating and enhancing third-party customer data with Omnipresence data.

[EXEEVO] Customer Insights for Real-Time Life Sciences Journeys

“At Microsoft, we believe in empowering businesses to achieve more through transformative technology. Our relationship with and support of Exeevo exemplifies this commitment.”

Yang Hou CEO Microsoft China

Use AI for Advanced Data Insights

Combine and enrich data streams into one unified segmented powerhouse of information before they enter Omnipresence to ensure crisp, error-free data.



Omnipresence leverages Artificial Intelligence to identify high-value and at-risk customers; this empowers businesses to effectively tailor their recommendations for products and services.

Predict Customer Behaviour

Identify high-value and at-risk customers, empowering businesses to tailor their product and service recommendations effectively.



Part of the Omnipresence eco-system, Customer Insights is already seamlessly integrated for no-fuss connectivity.

Seamlessly Integrated

Customer Insights is natively integrated with Omnipresence for no-fuss connectivity. Get set-up in less than 10 minutes.

Intelligent Enriched Data

Omnipresence’s CI capabilities unify, segment, map, and enrich external data with AI before entering Omnipresence.  Data is further enriched using Copilot and the power of large language models (LLMs) to gain actionable insights to gain a competitive edge in understanding and anticipating customer needs and trends.

Anticipate Customer Behaviour

With Omnipresence, you can anticipate a customer’s behavior to accurately depict how each interaction influences future decisions from the customer’s side. Capabilities equip you to foresee trends and adapt swiftly to secure a strategic upper hand when markets shift.

Real-time Insights

Omnipresence delivers real-time analytics and insights to promptly respond to customer interactions and data changes. This is critical for maintaining up-to-date customer profiles and delivering personalization at scale.

Fast and easy to setup

Omnipresence’s Customer Insight is set up in a snap. Choose your data connection, add a few data rules to match records, and determine the connections to enhance your customer data to achieve a combined view of data choice for one unified 360-degree global customer view.

Deliver relevant connected customer journeys

Get a 360° view of your customers 24/7 and access key insights about their behavior and needs. This robust data unification process enabled by AI machine learning technology includes specifics on demographics, trends, and behavioral, transactional, and proprietary information.


Why are customer insights important for Life Sciences companies?

Customer insights data guides Life Sciences companies to provide the insights needed to personalize and meet the needs of healthcare professionals.

The data helps determine specifics on demographics, trends, and behavioral, transactional, and proprietary information The insights help orchestrate personalized customer experiences everywhere.

How hard is it to deploy Customer Insights

Customer Insights is part of the Omnipresence suite it’s a code-less integration allows your team to take advantage of the technologies and skills they already have. Our drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to set up within minutes.

What type of data does Exeevo Omnipresence analyze?

Omnipresence analyzes behavioral, transactional, and interaction data. It examines sales figures, customer service interactions, and engagement metrics. The solution also pulls in multiple streams of external market research for a comprehensive view.

Is Exeevo Omnipresence compatible with other business systems?

Yes, Omnipresence, built on Dynamics 365, is designed for compatibility with existing business solutions. It integrates with a wide range of applications, from ERPs to data analysis solutions.

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Unlock your Life Sciences Growth with Customer Insights

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify high-value and at-risk customers, tailor your offerings, and open the door to new audience segments with unmatched relevance and timing. Fine-tune your commercial strategies based on real-time business performance analytics. Don’t let your competition get ahead. Embrace the future of customer relationships today.

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