Unleash Life Sciences Marketing Automation

Generate and convert more leads with seamless marketing. Omnipresence has AI capabilities to ease the marketing process and generate sales-ready leads.

Leverage the power of workflows, chatbots, email triggers, and more to reach your target audience with personalized messages. Drive valuable insights with marketing automation software that optimizes your marketing strategies and delivers better results.


Omnipresence’s marketing automation equips life sciences marketers with a robust suite of tools, including email marketing automation, customer journey

Master Life Sciences Marketing with Omnipresence

With its user-friendly interface, Omnipresence marketing automation empowers Life Sciences marketers to orchestrate seamless omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Generate leads with strategic personalized campaigns

Create personalized, scalable messaging to resonate with healthcare professionals.

Build no-code landing pages and emails for automated campaigns that reach leads at the right time and produce more conversions than traditional methods.

At the heart of Omnipresence's solution is the precision of its data analytics and AI-driven insights, allowing marketers to deeply understand their audience's needs, preferences, and behaviors.

Nurture leads using omnichannel
marketing automation

Not all leads are active on the same communication channel. Automate the lead nurturing process to reach out to prospects with personalized messages at the right time and on the right channel.

Whether it’s through SMS, WhatsApp, email, or social media tailor your approach to make sure your message is reaching your intended audience.

Experience unparalleled data privacy and regulatory marketing compliance with Omnipresence built on Dynamics 365's industry-leading security measures and compliance standards.

Convert leads effortlessly to increase ROI

Our unique lead attribution model that incorporates Customer Insights reduces the gap between Sales and Marketing.

You can track campaign performance from a single dashboard and invest more in campaigns that convert prospects to paying customers.


Robust personalization and segmentation

Omnipresence delivers personalized customer experiences at scale. The platform’s sophisticated segmentation tools allow marketers to divide their audience into highly targeted groups based on demographics, behavior, purchase history, and other criteria. This capability ensures that marketing messages are highly relevant to each segment, increasing engagement rates, improving customer satisfaction, and driving higher conversion rates.

Automated workflow and campaign management

Efficiency is vital in today’s fast-paced marketing environment, and Omnipresence’s marketing automation excels in streamlining operational workflows. Marketers can automate repetitive tasks such as email campaigns, social media posts, and lead nurturing processes, freeing time to focus on strategy and creativity. It offers advanced campaign management features, enabling users to design, execute, and monitor omnichannel campaigns with multiple touchpoints. These capabilities simplify the marketing process and ensure a consistent and cohesive brand experience for healthcare providers.

Integrated analytics and insights

Omnipresence leverages the advanced capabilities of AI and machine learning to provide comprehensive analytics and actionable insights using data from the entire organization. This includes tracking critical aspects such as sales growth, multifaceted campaign performance, and sophisticated predictive modeling. By integrating data from research and development, sales, and customer service, it provides a holistic view of behavior and trends. With these insights, marketers make data-driven decisions, fine-tune campaigns with unparalleled precision in real-time, and accurately assess the impact of their marketing strategies.

Easy and intuitive to use

Omnipresence marketing automation is known for its ease of use and intuitive interface, which makes it accessible for marketers of all levels. The drag-and-drop editors, pre-built templates, and easy-to-use navigation make setting up email sequences, landing pages, social media and lead nurturing workflows a quick and painless process.

Relevant visual reporting

Understanding the impact of marketing efforts is crucial, and strategies must be continually adjusted to meet regulatory changes and market demands. Omnipresence provides powerful reporting tools that offer real-time insights into campaign performance, website traffic, conversion rates, etc. The ability to track and measure every aspect of a marketing campaign allows Life Sciences marketers to prove the ROI of their marketing activities and refine strategies for maximum effectiveness.

FAQ Section

How does Omnipresence help with personalizing Life Sciences marketing campaigns ?

Omnipresence Marketing Automation provides Life Sciences marketers with advanced segmentation and personalization tools that customize their communications based on demographics, behavior, and specific healthcare requirements. With the help of detailed customer data, marketers can create personalized campaigns that are tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals, resulting in improved engagement and response rates

How does Omnipresence ensure compliance with regulations specific to the life sciences industry

Omnipresence marketing automation has the best available security and privacy capabilities that comply with industry-specific regulations, such as HIPAA in the US or GDPR in Europe. Omnipresence comes with tailored and dedicated Life Sciences features that manage consent, data protection, and privacy. For China, we are PIPL compliant.

Does Omnipresence integrate with other tools and systems commonly used in the life sciences industry?

Yes. However, the marketing automation capabilities are a core part of Omnipresence CRM, eliminating the need for third-party marketing automation systems. It offers robust integration capabilities with a wide range of tools and systems commonly used in the life sciences sector, data analytics platforms, social media tools, and more

Photograph of Ted Lai, Chief Digital Officer of Sanofi, wearing a blue polo and a black suit.

We had a good experience with Exeevo in India and were further attracted by the combination of the willingness of Exeevo to co-develop with us and the more advanced technology architecture of the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Ted Lai Chief Digital Officer

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